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 Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!

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PostSubject: Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!   Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:09 pm

Theres more to this. Also the Translation are in the description.

At the entrance of chez Ichimaru
Ichigo: Keigoare you prepared?
Keigo: Ohhhhleave it to me.
Ichigo: All right, lets go. ... Keigo, you ready?
Keigo: Hurry up and say it!
Keigo: YOURE A *SUPER* DUMBASS! [not sure of this translation]
Renji: Dumbass, dumbass, SHUT THE HELL UP! Whats all the commotion outside?!
Yumichika: I dont know who you are, but all this unruly yelling is really unattractive.
Ichigo: Ahhhlong time no see, Renji, and that narcissist right beside you.
Yumichika: Nar?!
Ichigo: Haha! Give Hanataro back right now!
Yumichika: Narcissist(sweetly) youre referring to me?
Ichigo: Yeah, yeah, glad to see you admitted it as well.
Yumichika: Too bad, Im not interested in the words of people I dont like. Please address me by my name.
Ichigo: Ha! Don't BS me, give Hanataro back!
Yumichika: I told you, address me by my name!
Renji: Wait a minute, Yumichika-san! This guy is my opponent. Ichigo, I wondered when would come a time I could have a good battle with you.
Ichigo: Huh. Ive been looking forward to battling you as well.
Renji: Oh? Then this is perfect. Lets go! HOWL, ZABIMARU!
Ichigo: Damn you!!
Ichigo: Im gonna cut you up, Renji!
Renji: This is the last attack, Ichigo!
Ichigo: Hahaha!
Keigo: AhIchigo, that was beautiful! But sorry*coughs up blood*Im done forthe rest is up to you
Ichigo: The rest is up to me?! Keigo, whatd you, dont fall over! *Gasps*
Soifon: Hey, youre being too loud, you idiots. [I think she was the one who attacked Keigo]
Ichigo: Oh, youre here, Chibi-chan (little one). Get out of the way!
Soifon: Who are you calling Chibi? Im from IchimaIchima*falters*

Ichigo: (mimicking her) Ichima, Ichima, Ichima-what?!
Soifon: Argh, thats wrong! How dare you speak that way to me, the greatest woman of Ichimarus gang, the powerful Suzumebachi!
Ichigo: I dont care if youre the most powerful or what not!
Soifon: Hey! Back to the point! Abarai lost to you, and Ayasegawa ran off saying his clothes got dirty or something like itboth of them are idiots, but now it looks like I have no choice. Its up to me, Soifon, to fight you!
Ichigo: Fine by me! Lets goAAAAAAAAAARGH!
Hitsugaya: Youre so annoying, Morita!! (Ichigos seiyuus name)
Ichigo: Annoying? (surprised and looking around) MoriMoriMoriMori?!
Hitsugaya/Paku: Over here!
Soifon: Hitsugaya
Ichigo/Morita: Paku-san, are you here to rescue me?
Hitsugaya/Paku: Shut up, Morita! I told you, I am Hitsugaya Paku Romi kumicho!
Ichigo: What a long name!
Hitsugaya/Paku: (raising her hand) Calm down. Soifon
Soifon: Yes?
Hitsugaya/Paku: It looks like Ichigo, Morita, and the others are bothering you, but you were the ones who kidnapped Hanataro in the first place, so what was the meaning of that? Im going to ask Ichimaru. If you lie to me, then I, Hitsugaya Toshiro Paku Romi kumicho will fight you!
Soifon: Your name sure is long. But I won't tell you anything. If you want to know, you have to defeat me first. Lets go! Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi! My Suzumebachi will ensure you have nowhere to run! I won't give you a chance to escape after the first strike!
Hitsugaya: Haha, very interesting. But as long as I avoid getting stung I'll be fine.
Soifon: Dont be so smug! I will [couldnt translate this] *FLASH* Eh? He vanished?
Hitsugaya: Theres no other wayif youre going to be so serious about this, then I have no choice but to face you, equally serious! Lets go! Set upon the frozen heavens! HA! HYO—RIN—MARU!!!!!!
Ichimaru: (high-pitched scream) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! [this was hilarious XD]
Ichigo: What the hell!!! Ah, Hanataro! You ok?
We see an image of Hanataro bathed in green light
Hanataro: Ah, Ichigo-oniisan. Master Toshiro and Keigo-san are here too. Did something happen?
Ichigo: Hanatarois thatyour zanpaktou?
Soifon: You bastard! What did you do to Ichimaru? Slashing his neck, thats too much!
Ichigo: AAAH! Hanataro, you did that?! That's amazing!
Hanataro: Um
Ichimaru: AH! That feels much better! Youre amazing, Hanataro-kun! To think a while ago the pain was so great that I couldnt move! [couldnt translate this part, but it sounds like Hanataros zanpaktou healed Ichimaru]
Hanataro: Thats awesome, Ichimaru-oniisan
Ichimaru: Your Hisagomaru is so useful! Had I known I would have invited you here sooner
Hanataro: Thats right! My Hisagomaru can heal illnesses and wounds, but its pretty useless in battleif you ever feel sick, just call me!
Ichimaru: Ok, Ill leave it to you!
Narrator: In the end, the battle between these two rival gangs had no clear victor. Thanks to Ichimarus admiration of Hanataros Hisagomaru, relations between the rivals became more peaceful.


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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!   Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:15 pm

What is going on!?

We think we know your secret. But it's safe with us.
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The Shinigami Monster

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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!   Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:19 pm

It's some kind of live story thing with the Bleach voice actors.
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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!   Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:47 pm

.....*bangs head several times* CantHearU What.... did I just watch?!
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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!   

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Ichigo's nickname for Sui-Feng... Chibi-chan!
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