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 Tea Kettle (fanfic, +18)

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Tea Kettle (fanfic, +18) Empty
PostSubject: Tea Kettle (fanfic, +18)   Tea Kettle (fanfic, +18) EmptySat Jun 16, 2012 10:45 pm

As I continue my spiral madness, I present to you a SuiHara fic. Actually, right now it's just an except from the beginning to prove that I've actually been doing something all this time, but rest assured there will be a full fic eventually!


Next time, there will be smut, and you'll read it. And you'll like it.

Tea Kettle (fanfic, +18) System_Shock_2_Banner_zps56a40848
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Tea Kettle (fanfic, +18)
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