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 50 Sentences - Epsilon Set (Completed)

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50 Sentences - Epsilon Set (Completed) Empty
PostSubject: 50 Sentences - Epsilon Set (Completed)   50 Sentences - Epsilon Set (Completed) EmptyFri May 14, 2010 2:27 pm

#01 – Motion
The world was constantly moving for Shihouin Yoruichi; it only ever stopped when Soifon was beneath her, arching against her fingers, forcing their bodies closer. (epeire)

#02 – Cool
Shunsui once asked Yoruichi about her unusually cool attitude towards his third seat and found out that the man had a crush on Soi; he laughed at his old friend’s possessiveness. (CaptainYoruichi)

#03 – Young
"When I was young I never knew what this thing called love could do to you!" Soifon sang merrily as she skipped to her office after an all-night shag. (Lizzay)

#04 – Last
"She may not be my first, but she'll definitely be my last," Yoruichi explained when she was asked about Soi Fon. (WiEkachu)

#05 – Wrong
This was all wrong, and Yoruichi was sure Soifon knew that sitting in all day watching every movie ever made about little green men known as Martians(although Soifon's expression when she first discovered them was undeniably cute) was not at all what she had planned when she invited the Second Division captain for a one week vacation in the real world. (deadfish)

#06 – Gentle
Yoruichi was always careful, the Second Division captain noted dimly, as if the Shihouin princess were afraid that if she pressed too hard with her mouth and her fingers, that Soifon would shatter like glass. (epeire)

#07 – One
“I was born on the first night of the month,” Yoruichi said, explaining to Soi why she thought her parents had not been very creative with her name. (CaptainYoruichi)

#08 – Thousand
"She missed you real bad, Ms. Yoruichi," Oomeada explained; "I've caught her crying in your old room like a thousand times." (kravitzkid)

#09 – King
There is hardly a night that Yoruichi does not fall asleep to the sound of Soifon, though tonight her protege is weaving tales about courts, and their kings. (epeire)

#10 – Learn
Soifon was a quick learner and an earnest customer, much to Hisagi's delight; she was an even better serenader much to Yoruichi's. (Lizzay)

#11 – Blur
The Goddess of Flash was so fast she was not even a blur; Soi either saw her when she wasn’t in motion, or didn’t see her at all. (CaptainYoruichi)

#12 – Wait
Sitting on her windowsill the young captain observed the place outside, a smile playing on her lips because she knew no matter how long she would be away she would always come back - and Soi would always wait for her. (Azley)

#13 – Change
Soifon might be cold and distant, but always when she spends her free time with Yoruichi, she is like completely different person. (Juubi)

#14 – Command
"The Command Deck isn't that hard as long as you can use the grenade launcher!" Yoruichi shouted into the computer room after hearing a series of expletives explode form Soi Fon's mouth. (SoldierG65434-2)

#15 – Hold
Yoruichi likes her hands, and their fingers play together, a sweet, idle meandering, twisting, knotting together, unraveling, a strangely innocent exploration. (epeire)

#16 - Need
And Yoruichi remembers that night beneath the moon, in the cold, when she felt little fingers creeping through the chambers of her shattering heart, turning the muscle inside out, drawing borders between regret and need. (epeire)

#17 - Vision
When wrapped in that warm, protective embrace, Soi Fon’s vision would narrow leaving nothing in her world but her golden eyed goddess. (Isis)

#18 - Attention
Having grown up with five older brothers, Soifon was used to keeping an eye on her meal, but no matter how alert she was, Yoruichi always managed to steal food from her plate. (Joyling)

#19 - Soul
Yoruichi spent her last moment in the Seireitei training her soulful gaze on Soi Fong as she danced through her kata--her movements precise and her passion barely restrained. (siyentista)

#20 - Picture
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the one of Soifon desperately trying to escape a headlock while Yoruichi mercilessly tickles her exposed skin with her own braids is a whole essay on their relationship. (OnusMIA)

#21 - Fool
Yoruichi sat in her feline form in front of the dimensional gate, watching Ichigo and the rest say their goodbyes, almost wanting to ignore the fact that her own heart was aching, the fact that she was leaving her again, the fact that after a century, she was still a fool. (deadfish)

#22 - Mad
"Yoruichi? Mad? No way. The only thing she's mad about is Soi Fon," Urahara explained. (WiEkachu)

#23 - Child
It never ceased to amaze Yoruichi how much Soi's face resembled that of a small child when she was finally relaxed in slumber. (kravitzkid)

#24 - Now
During those agonizing 100 years, Soifon spent every quiet minute reminiscing about her goddess, but now as she watched the still form on her bed, she no longer needed to. (deadfish)

#25 - Shadow
There were several times that Soi could have sworn she had felt Yoruichi's spritual pressure in her bedroom, only to discover a small, black cat perched on her windowsill. (kravitzkid)

People whispered that the second division captain took a liking to stalking the Goddess of flash, but how oblivious they were, Yoruichi told with a knowing wild grin, and she said this about them because she knew (and so did Soi Fon) that black cats hid better in the shadows than small girls. (Shayleen)

#26 - Goodbye
'She never said goodbye...', she thought as she drifted to sleep on the empty chair of her idol, tears falling from closed eyes. (Hollow Halibel)

#27 - Hide
All this time the Shihoin princess needed to be strong, needed to mask her emotions and build up a facade but she knew that when she needed to she could always hide in her place to be herself again. (Azley)

#28 - Fortune
She didn't mind giving up her family fortune, Soi's presence was worth more than a million times that amount. (WiEkachu)

#29 - Safe
No matter how hard a battle would be - as long as they would feel the familiar reiatsu nearby they felt safe. (Azley)

#30 - Ghost
Yoruichi just laughed at Soi Fon's confusion over how "this Ghost Face could write an entire album about fish scales." (SoldierG65434-2)

#31 - Book
The amount of letters that Yoruichi wrote for Soi over the years when she was in the world of the living could fill a book; several books, in fact. (CaptainYoruichi)

#32 - Eye
Yoruichi watched many of her squad's training sessions, but her eyes rarely strayed from Soi Fon's hips. (kravitzkid)

#33 - Never
Yoruichi always teased Soi about her small height, loving the dirty looks she got, but, she knew greatly that within that tiny frame was all the love she could ever want. (Shayleen)

#34 - Sing
The squad two captain would have surely silenced her soft singing had she any suspicion that Yoruichi was still awake, but she didn’t and a smile crept over the older woman’s features at the sweet sound. (Isis)

#35 - Sudden
Sudden; that was the only word Soifon could think of to describe their first kiss. (deadfish)

#36 - Stop
"Please stop crying, Little Bee, I'm never leaving you behind again." (kravitzkid)

#37 - Time
Even though years were as days for the nearly immortal Shinigami, Yoruichi still felt that one hundred years was far too long to have been separated from Soi. (CaptainYoruichi)

#38 - Wash
So Yoruichi doesn't like bathing that much but if Soi was in the shower, that'd be a different story. (WiEkachu)

#39 – Torn
“Oh, is that what it’s called these days?” Kisuke teased once, when Soi and Yoruichi explained that their often torn clothes were the result of shunko training. (CaptainYoruichi)

#40 – History
Yoruichi slowly explained to Soi- trying to shove the thought in her head, "Soi, in the past, our history in other terms, there was a Me & You which were connected, but now there is an 'Us' which means we're one word, one person." (Shayleen)

#41 – Power
"Power has many sources," her father once told her, but for Soi it only had one - and this one had purple hair, mesmerizing golden eyes and a smile brighter than the sun. (Azley)

#42 - Bother
Sometimes she wished she didn't think about it so much because then all the worst possible reasons came to her, like how she was a bother that she was left behind. (deadfish)

#43 - God
"But every Goddess needs a God," Yoruichi reasoned out to Soi when asked why she wanted her to be more than just a friend. (WiEkachu)

#44 - Wall
Yoruichi was trained to be graceful at all cost, but when Soi was around, she always found herself walking into walls. (WiEkachu)

#45 - Naked
To the naked eye, their relationship seemed mentor and student and sisterly at best, but to those who were really looking and to themselves, it wasn't that simple. (deadfish)

#46 - Drive
"That isn't even a lane!" Soifon yelled, gesturing angrily at the other driver while Yoruichi buried her face in her hands and slumped down in the seat. (Joyling)

#47 - Harm
Yoruichi would make everyone pay who dared to harm her little bee but deep down she knew she should punish herself for dealing the most damage to her - and the worst... (Azley)

#48 - Precious
Looking to the shopkeeper, Yoruichi repeated his question with a small smile playing to her lips, “Important? No... she’s precious to me.” (Isis)

#49 - Hunger
"I'm so hungry" the goddess complained before Soi held out her chopsticks to her in a gesture to share her ramen but the purple haired woman just grinned back as she drew closer "I wasn't talking about food." (Azley)

#50 - Believe
Every human needs something to believe in, in order to go on and even 100 years of separation couldn't shatter Soi's belief in her personal goddess, Yoruichi - no matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise. (Azley)

More prompts here.
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50 Sentences - Epsilon Set (Completed)
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