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 Place your imaginery bets now.

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CaptainYoruichi Level
CaptainYoruichi Level

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PostSubject: Place your imaginery bets now.   Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:55 am

Who do you think will end up dying this arc?

Inspired by this portion of chatting in the chatbox:


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Mr Khan
Mr Khan

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PostSubject: Re: Place your imaginery bets now.   Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:20 am

I agree with one of SoldierG's assessments. Given that he went out of his way in this arc to show that Loly and Menoly of all people are still alive, we can't know for sure what mode he's going to be in. Perhaps Sasakibe was just an effort to shock readers, so he's either going to go JK Rowling on us and start slaughtering characters left and right, or no-one else on the good side is going to die.

Yamamoto would make the most sense, though. It would be fitting to end the series with the idea of a takeover by the new generation, but i couldn't see him putting down any of the others in the old generation (Ukitake, Kyouraku, or Unohana)

Mayuri will only go out if there's something that proves he was good-hearted all along, which would so fundamentally wreck his character that i know Kubo isn't going to try it.
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Place your imaginery bets now.
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