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 DBZ: Episodes of Bardock (Only 3 Chapters)

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The Shinigami Monster

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PostSubject: DBZ: Episodes of Bardock (Only 3 Chapters)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:49 am

This 3 chapter manga type of side story is about Bardock somehow going to the past during when he was being killed by Freeza now he doesn't remember much of what happened (Seems like he remembers nothing of Goku...) and is now on a planet called Planet Planet which I guess was the name of Planet Vegeta before the Sayains came to be. So now Bardock with the mystery of not knowing how he went to the past must defeat the villan Chilled... Who's an ancestor of Freeza like a grandfather or something... But hey if you were one who always wanted Bardock to go super sayain guess what... HE DOES?! And that's not all he ends up being the VERY FIRST super sayain and is that super sayain that the stories are told of to Freeza. @.@'

DBZ: Episodes of Bardock
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FullMetal Spartan
Privaron Espada

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PostSubject: Re: DBZ: Episodes of Bardock (Only 3 Chapters)   Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:04 am

I've read 'em. I liked 'em. Glad to see something DBZ related after so long. XD
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DBZ: Episodes of Bardock (Only 3 Chapters)
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