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 Revolutionary Girl Utena

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PostSubject: Revolutionary Girl Utena   Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:16 am

For reasons that largely remain a mystery even to myself, I decided to watch the entirety of this anime.

And holy Christ, was this shit weird!

This was not what I expected going in at all. Granted, I didn't expect much. All I really know was that it had a fairly iconic (insofar as I've seen them numerous times in numerous places) yuri couple in it. And that was basically it. I've seen it several times on "classic" anime lists so on a whim I decided to give it a shot.

And it wasn't bad. I watched all of it over the course of 3 days and ended up genuinely liking two of the characters (Juri and Nanami). I also liked the fact that when the set up a joke, they followed that joke to the bitter end, which is something you don't see often, not to mention the fact that much of the comedy I found at the very least humorous on it's own merits.

But goddamn it! This shit was fucking nuts!

Is there anyone here who's familiar enough with this series that cares to enlighten me? Or will I just have to rest knowing that the shadow puppet bits remain not only my favorite parts, but the only parts that made any type of sense to me?

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Revolutionary Girl Utena
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