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 Somethings Interesting

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PostSubject: Somethings Interesting   Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:24 am

Well I was looking around randomly on the internet again.. (Not really was looking at Bleach postcards XP) anyways I found a few thing I thought were interesting so I wanted to post em.

ok on this you can find two things one being Yoruichi being pissed at getting a can maybe of tuna or something? go down to post #346 and hit the spoiler it's the first picture you see.

Also if you go down to comment #348 you'll see like a dvd cover I guess it is..? Anyways Sui-Feng's Cat-Honey lalipop thing is there by Rukia

If you zoom it looks like Sui-Feng is looking at Nanao?.

(Also I have found a few other things but I have to refind them tho I have a couple on the comp I may just upload them somewhere to show everyone.)
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Somethings Interesting
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