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 Asashi (Crimson Warrior)

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Crimson Warrior
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PostSubject: Asashi (Crimson Warrior)   Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:08 pm

Okay, here I go. Let me know if I should change anything


Name: Asashi Ryu Habasaki Suijin

Nickname: Zero

Apparent Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5' 10" 168 lbs. Average body shape. Slightly muscular. Has blue eyes, and long, blonde, waist length hair tied in a ponytail. He has a large bang covering his entire right face, hiding an eyepatch with a glowing red dot in the middle that functions as a scanner. Has a giant X-shaped scar on his face that connects to a smaller one on his right cheek as well as three claw shaped scars on his left cheek. Also has various scars on his chest. Wears a black trenchcoat over his shihakusho as well as a bladed hat (a tribute to his favorite video game). Wears blue fingerless gloves.

Order versus Chaos: Neutral

Morality: Altruistic

Bio: Zero was born in America, but spent his life wandering the world, learning various Martial Arts in each country he visited. One day while in Japan he accidently wandered into a war between two rival gangs. Even though he knew the danger of the situation, he attempted to rescue a young woman caught in the middle. Despite his best efforts they both lost their lives. By luck they both wound up in the same area of the Rukongai, and became fast friends. Eventually they decided to become Soul Reapers to escape the poverty of the 55th district. While he failed the test, she became a successful soul reaper. After a while they decided to get married. Sadly, she was murdered a few years later, by Zero's own brother, who executed when Zero was 7. Zero was heart-broken. His only comfort was his wife's Zanpakuto, which somehow passed to him after her death. Believing her final request was that he become a Soul Reaper, Zero immediately joined the Soul Academy. Luckily, the Soul Society was accepting anyone.

Combat Abilities

Zanpaku-to 1: Zero's own natural Zanpaku-to. Still an Asauchi. Sheath held on lower back exactly as Soifon's. Wields it in a reverse-grip

Zanpaku-to 2: Zero's wife's Zanpaku-to. Name - Suzumegami (Tin Goddess). Despite now belonging to Zero, Suzumegami refuses to accept him and won't release... yet. Sheath held diagonally on back

Shikai: Unknown

Bankai: Unkown

Kido: Average (Refuses to use any kido not lightning-based)

Hakuda: Excels

Hoho: Weak

Zanjutsu: Excels

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Endurance
Character Strength 2: Perceptive (Only due to his eyepatch. It was a prototype designed by the Department of Research and Development to scan the environment. If it is removed, he loses his perception)

Character Weakness 1: Lech (But secretly. He still respects women. He just enjoys bodies like Rangiku's and Yoruichi's)
Character Weakness 2: Soft of Heart (But only towards women. He will kill a man in a heart beat, but the incident with his wife keeps him from consciously killing women)

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PostSubject: Re: Asashi (Crimson Warrior)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:06 am

all things are in order. you need change nothing! congrats and try to have fun.

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Asashi (Crimson Warrior)
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