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PostSubject: Amaya   Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:12 pm

Name: Amaya

Apparent Age: 17

Gender: Female

Amaya is around 154 cm tall and has shoulder-short wavy/curly black hair, pale milky skin and dark indigo colored eyes.
Her eyes are in generally dark indigo color but can change to almost black or a brighter indigo when strong emotions overwhelms her.
She has a round and childish face with apple cheeks and big eyes, her body is slender and have a hint of female curves.

Besides that she looks rather ordinary

She claims to not remember anything of significance of her previous life and keeps the details to herself.

When she arrived to Rukongai, Amaya was all by herself and was at first a bit intimidated by the new place but got over it quickly.
From then on she just wandered around and earned for her living by helping around.
She loves running around by herself and spend a lot of time in woods outside Rukongai until she got recruited at the Shinigami academy.

Amaya is a bit childish of nature and like being around people though she prefers not to talk too much herself and enjoys just to listen.
Her love for rain, thunder and lightning is a bit odd, though you will find her outside running and jumping around whenever it rains, and with a expression of bliss on her face when a storm arrives.
Her being energetic adds to her childish nature along with her temper.
She is rather temperamental but is trying to suppress it by keeping it to herself, though she will make a light fuss out of it if she gets teased.
Under any circumstances making her furious is not such a good idea, she gets more focused on her goal and holds a grudge as long as it takes before she reaches her goal.

One thing that is obvious to notice is her admiration for fighting, she have a burning wish to excel either Zanjutsu or Hakuda and have a impression that fighting is one of the most elegant things that exist.
While she is average at both, she works hard to become better but cannot choose which one she would prefer to improve the most, which is why she is stuck.

Order versus Chaos:


Combat Abilities

Zanpaku-to: In its unreleased state it seems like an ordinary katana, except being in a slightly golden tone instead of the regular metal silver, and with dark teal blue leather around the handle.

Shikai: ?

Bankai: ?

Kido: Weak

Hakuda: Average

Hoho: Excels

Zanjutsu: Average

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Is a reliable person
Character Strength 2: When angry or frustrated she becomes more focused and has more stamina

Character Weakness 1: is quite forgetful
Character Weakness 2: Sometimes too helpful for her own good.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaya   Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:27 am

hmm... works for me! Look forward to seeing her in action during the newest chapter... which should be a good place to get used to RPs... since nothing too life threatening will occur. ^^

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