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 The New TYS Dictionary

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PostSubject: The New TYS Dictionary   Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:18 pm

If you wish to enter a word, please PM me, and you need to have at least one other member agree on said word.


sp- (long e)l

(v.) - To throw a book at something
with intent to kill."

ex. "He aggravated me so tremendously, I
decided to speel him."



(n.) - A charismatic stallion.

ex. "The charming cumdragon surprised me when he came from out of my dresser."

synonyms: SoldierG65434-2



(n.) - A post on a thread.

ex. "I made a posty in the Rant Thread"

(v.) - To post in a thread.

ex. "I'm going posty all over this forum."
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The New TYS Dictionary
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