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 Bleach: Blade of Fate

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PostSubject: Bleach: Blade of Fate   Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:16 am

Soi Fon's Story

Episode 18: Yearning

Soi Fon: The Seirei Tournament. It'll be my first appearance since that fateful day... How many years has it been? I've surpassed my former master! Over the years, I've grown in strength. I must test that srength. See how far I've comesince I've been freed from her domintion.

Match #1

Soi Fon vs. Sajin Komamura

Before Battle.

Soi Fon: A Captain as my first foe... But I cannot let that stop me. Forgive me, but I will make this quick.

Sajin Komamura: Soi Fon, you imitate me just a little too much. But I fight for the honor of the Head Captain, therefore I cannot lose.

Soi Fon: Oh? Then let me see how you will honor him...

After Battle.

Sajin Komamura: E-Extraordinary... I acknowledge your powess..

Soi Fon: Don't make me laugh. A victory like this did not show even a bit of my skills.

Sajin Komamura: Perhaps this is not something the defeated should say... But a warning to you. Copying too closely will put you at a disadvantage. That is to say, it makes you look like you are trying to hard. You are indeed strong, but I sense a strong sadness behind your actions.

Soi Fon: That's none of your business... Prying will be your downfall.

Match #2

Soi Fon vs. Jushiro Ukitake

Before Battle.

Jushiro Ukitake: Boy, things seem to have gotten serious. It's been a long time since I've felt this healthly... I'm up next, Soi Fon. Let's make the most of it! (cough)

Soi Fon: Healthy you say...? Somehow I doubt that. But even so, I won't go easy on you.

Jushiro Ukitake: Naturally. With me in this condition,we're a good match. If I were at full strength I'd be too much for you.

Soi Fon: Fine. Further talk is unnecessary, and unwelcome. So, here I come. You'll be my next victim!

After Battle.

Jushiro Ukitake: Ugh... So you were not as easy as I thought... (cough)

Soi Fon: They say a lion uses his full stregth to kill a rabbit. Don't hold it against me.

Jushiro Ukitake: No... It's reassuring. If you had lost to me in my condition, you would be disgraced as a Captain.

Soi Fon: Hmph... You've changed your tune now. How convenient for you.

Jushiro Ukitake: Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well... so I'm going to with draw. (cough)

Soi Fon: Is he really all right...?

Match #3

Soi Fon vs. Kaname Tosen

Before Battle.

Kaname Tosen: I have no reason to fight you... But I can understand the purpose of this compettition - it's to polish one's military skill in order to uphold justice. So I can hardly refuse to cooperate. I would be happy if we can learn something from our battles.

Soi Fon: Fighting doesn't need any reason. Power is power, strength is strength. That's all. Now, get ready!

After Battle.

Kaname Tosen: T- That power... Your way of justice... I have witnessed it.

Soi Fon: Nothing is born from losing... Victory through power is my salvation. I have no use for a Captain who could not demonstrate his strength. You should leave.

Match #4

Soi Fon vs Renji Abarai

Before Battle.

Renji Abarai: Captain Soi Fon... I'm next. Good luck.

Soi Fon: Well, kudos to you, a lieutenant, for making it this far. But it ends here. I'll show you I'm not like the others.

Renji Abarai: There's something I want... And for that, I have to surpass all of you! I'm gonna win!

Soi Fon: You must be mad... There is no way a Lieutenant could defeat a Captain. The difference in power is clear! I'll show you!

After Battle.

Renji Abarai: Ugh... So strong! To think that there's such a difference at the Captain's level!

Soi Fon: That's not it... It's just that your weak. A weak person cannot dectate action. You should withdraw now.

Match #5

Soi Fon vs. Byakuya Kuchiki

Before Battle.

Byakuya Kuchiki: Such exaggeration... But is it's gone to your head, I'll allow you to withdraw... I'm not as easy prey as Renji.

Soi Fon: On the honor of your nobility, perhaps? Ridiculous... You have no strength. Bow before my power!

After Battle.

Byakuya Kuchiki: Hmph...

Soi Fon: What happened? Is that the level of your noble honor?! If you go by mere power, you are no match for the Stealth Force!

Match #6

Soi Fon vs. Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Before Battle.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Stealth Force, hmm? Now that interests me. I'd be eager to run some experiments. I would have preferred to have that Yoruichi instead... But you'll do.

Soi Fon: What?! You dare mock me?! I surpassed Yoruichi long ago! Let me show you!

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Oh my... Perhaps I hit a nerve? Don't get sentimental. Such emotions hold no interest for me. Let us begin already!

Soi Fon: You couldn't possibly understand what I feel! This competition is over now!

After Battle.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Well, this is just play. So we'll end it here for today. Your earlier battle was very exciting. But things definitely got more interesting after I mentioned the name "Yoruichi" Let's meet again...

Soi Fon: I don't want to hear any loser's muttering! Damn you!

Ending Scene.

Marechiyo Omaeda: What's wrong, Captain? You won the competition and we got the prize. Why do you look so unhappy?

Soi Fon: Nonsense. I was never interested in that in the first place... Now be quiet.

Marechiyo Omaeda: Yes sir... Now then, what'll I buy with the prize money? I can't wait...

Soi Fon: (I won the competition, and proved my skill and power... So why does my heart... still feel so empty?) (I've achieved the power and skills I sought... I've surpassed them, in fact!) (And that person is long gone... But why do these thoughts still possess me?) (No, I must walk my path. Defeating all foes...) (Then... I will have truly surpassed you... Madam Yoruichi... No... just Yoruichi!)

Well that's the end of Soi Fon's story

Gallery: Sound Gallery:

Yoruichi (here's a few things Yoruichi says in her sound gallery.):

Watch yourself... This technique...
I still can't control it completely.
On guard, Soi Fon! (Soi Fon's name is pretty much the only one she says threw out her sound gallery other then Urahara Shop but everyone says that and they say Bleach and some others the same for the opening.)

Soi Fon (here's a few things Soi Fon says in her sound gallery.):

I am superior to you.
I am stronger than you!!
Yes, Madam Yoruichi!
Forgive me, Madam Yoruichi... (and so Yoruichi's name is the only one Soi Fon says well other then Urahara shop, Bleach ect.)

Well that's it for the game inless I happen to run across more :)
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PostSubject: Re: Bleach: Blade of Fate   Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:00 pm

No big YoruSoi moments in this game? Disappointing.
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Bleach: Blade of Fate
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