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 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Edo no Akatsuki

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PostSubject: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure   Sun May 30, 2010 5:12 pm

In the 1800s, a boy named Jonathan Joestar met a boy named Dio Brando, and Jonathan's father took the boy in, not realizing that he had just resigned his only real son to a life of being made to look like a weak, untrustworthy and unrefined chicken. Dio plans to take Jonathan's place as the favored son of the Joestar family. From the age of 12, Jonathan (or JoJo for short) gets put through the biggest load of bad luck ever seen, which includes his dog being killed (by Dio, of course), his friends hating him, his girlfriend's first kiss being stolen, and getting beat up by Dio. Jojo, when he gets older, is able to get beyond it all and becomes an archaeologist. He comes across a Mesoamerican stone mask, that, at first, appears to be a trap that kills the wearer. Jojo then finds out that Dio plans to kill his father and races to get an antidote from the evil Wangchan with his newfound friend Robert E. O. Speedwagon. After getting the cure, the two men save Jojo's father and fight Dio, who, during the fight, shows that he has used the mask on himself and not died but become a vampire. Jojo and Speedwagon fight Dio off, but he escapes. Soon after, Jojo and Speedwagon meet the Italian William Antonio Zeppeli, who teaches Jojo the vampire killing fighting style Hamon to beat Dio with. Jojo, Speedwagon, and Zeppeli (with the help of Zeppeli's master Tom Petty and his other students Dire and Straits) go to an European village and face off with Dio.

And that's just the first of seven parts to the wonder that is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Created in 1987 by the mangaka Hirohiko Araki, it follows the various exploits of the Jojo bloodline. It is famous for its original and unique art style, intricate plot, and numerous Western rock music references. Every main character's name in each part can be read as JoJo. It is also known for the use of thought and planning over violence in its many battles. Although Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has not been able to receive recognition like other imported manga and anime, it is still very well received by fans all over. And with such plots as exploding people, 15-year-old gangsters, and epic Rock, Paper, Scissors matches, is it any wonder?

Discuss here JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and everything related with it :)
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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