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 Dram CD

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The Shinigami Monster

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PostSubject: Dram CD   Fri May 28, 2010 1:19 am

ok I was reading threw the Dram CD and noticed something I hadn't before (I'm stupid) / also after I got done doing this it came out as a YoruSoi hint thing I really didn't mean for it to..

Soi: Stop being selfish! *WHACK*
Oomaeda: Ow! Not even daddy hit me!!!
Ichigo: Moron.
Yoruichi: Hey, Ichigo.
Ichigo: Yoruichi-san!
Yoruichi: What are you doing here?
Ichigo: Just visiting.
Soi: Yoruichi-sama!
Yoruichi: Oh, Soi Fong!

ok got here it is Soi Fon is eating lots and Ichigo goes over to see her (I guess to say hi idk) anyways Yoruichi pops up / I find it a little odd that she pops up AFTER Ichigo goes to talk to her anyways then Yoruichi asks Ichigo What are you doing here? it sounds a little like she was either spying on Soi Fon and when Ichigo appeared it killed it for her or she just popped up cause after Soi Fon goes Yoruichi-sama and Yoruichi is like Oh, Soi Fon! (also note that when she said hey to Ichigo there wasn't an "!" mark idk if that's anything big but what ever)

ok next up is this part haha

Soi: Here for a dinner? Do you mind if I accompany you? I will make them prepare a seat for you here.
Yoruichi: Is that so? Ok, Ichigo, you come too!
Soi: Him too?
Yoruichi: Don't treat him badly.
Soi: If you say so, Yoruichi-sama. You, be thankful to Yoruichi-sama!

is it me or did Soi Fon just.. ASK YORUICHI TO DINNER!! sure sounds it to me any ways.. But it is killed when Yoruichi invites.. Ichigo.. e.e (Why Yoruichi! WHY! Yell ) any who I think Yoruichi trys to get Soi Fon jealous some cause of this then after Soi Fon asks Him too? Yoruichi tells her not to treat him badly altough Soi Fon seems down she replys with If you say so Yoruichi-sama. You, be well you can read it at the top.

So for the last part it goes on with:

Yoruichi: Well, what should I eat. . . first, dumplings. . . fried liver and leek, fried vegitables and meat, fried chicken, spring rolls, mackerel with miso, hamburger, fried pork, sashimi, instead of miso-soup, some stew and ramen.
Ichigo: You plan to order more?
Yoruichi: Make that for 10 people and rice in 15 boxes
Soi: How amazing, Yoruichi-sama. Impressive eating habits!
Yoruichi: The same for you is good too, right, Ichigo?
Ichigo: Yes. Wait, I can't eat that much!!
Soi: You! Do you plan to waste Yoruichi-sama's kindness?!
Yoruichi: It's fine, it's fine. People have differences. For now, make all of what I ordered to 5 people's worth.
Soi: Yoruichi-sama, how kind of you.
Ichigo: Keep my rice bowl a normal size.

It's a little like Yoruichi is tryin to impress Soi Fon for one you have Soi Fon eatting alot in the begining 2nd she's listing this stuff and Soi Fon is all like How amazing, Yoruichi-sama. / Just sayin.

Good fun right.. :P (After reading this Dram CD I want to see Yoruichi and Soi Fon have a eatting contest..)
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... and Justice for All

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PostSubject: Re: Dram CD   Fri May 28, 2010 8:14 am

Yeah I posted this back in the YoruSoi Fc on BA.
Awesome Drama - I could laugh over it again and again XD
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Dram CD
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