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 Collin and Alice Gavlynn (SoifonShihoin's Twin Shinigami)

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PostSubject: Collin and Alice Gavlynn (SoifonShihoin's Twin Shinigami)   Sun May 23, 2010 1:52 pm

Name: Collin and Alice Gavlynn

Apparent Age: both 15

Gender: Alice:Female Collin:Male they are twins (if its ok)

Alice has long, blonde hair and usually wear a ribbon in it. She has sapphire blue eyes that shine in the sun. Collin has short, messy black hair and cold dark gray eyes.

Order versus Chaos: Both Neutral

Morality: Alice is Altruistic, Collin has none.

Bio: When they were alive, Alice and Collin are both twins and always seen together. Alice was an over-protective "older" sister toward Collin. She's always talkative and speaks whatever is on her mind, unless she feels that she needs to keep it to herself. Collin is a silent type that, if you talk to him, you'll be lucky to get even a grunt. They both feel the need to help anyone in danger, regardless of what may happen to them. Collin was frequently beaten up for not talking at all and Alice was the one defending him. Alice and Collin were walking home one day when Collin was pulled into an alley without Alice's knowing. Collin was getting into another fight that he wouldn't fight back in again. Alice finally turned around to see that her twin wasn't there and ran back a little bit until she saw him, doubled over in the alley. She ran to his side to see if he was ok. He wasn't. Collin had been stabbed in his side and then left there by the punks that did this to him. They walked back over when they heard talking and walked back to Collin only to see Alice standing in their way. Alice was told to move and didn't, she was stabbed in her heart and died instantly. Collin looked at his lifeless sister and began a furious rampage of beating up her murderers, despite his injury. Collin was stabbed in his stomach and then left there. Collin crawled over to his sister and died beside her.
Now in the Rukongai, Alice and Collin met up with each other again and were inducted into the Shinigami Academy 3 days after their arrival. Hoping that they could keep others safe from Hollows and everything else, Alice and Collin trained hard together in order to keep this goal of theirs whole.

Combat Abilities

Zanpaku-to: Alice: normal Katana with a pure white tsuka ito (cord wrap). The guard is circular.
Collin: normal Katana with a midnight black tsuka ito (cord wrap). The guard is like a 6 point throwing star.

Shikai: unknown

Bankai: unknown

Kido: Both Average

Hakuda: Alice: Excels Collin: Average

Hoho: Both Average

Zanjutsu: Collin: Excels Alice: Average

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Collin: Perception Alice: Camaraderie
Character Strength 2: Collin: Affinity for Elements Alice: Empathy

Character Weakness 1: Collin: Featherweight Alice: Clumsy
Character Weakness 2: Collin: Soft of Heart Alice: Tactless

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PostSubject: Re: Collin and Alice Gavlynn (SoifonShihoin's Twin Shinigami)   Sun May 23, 2010 3:14 pm

*gasp* Naoto and Teddie! =D

Sheet is in order, nothing illegal or incorrectly filled. You can feel free to insert yourself into the story in any way that flows naturally, or you can ask me and I'll help to write you in.

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Collin and Alice Gavlynn (SoifonShihoin's Twin Shinigami)
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