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PostSubject: Castor   Sun May 23, 2010 12:04 pm

(The comic relief part in the bio can be changed, obviously. It just amused me writing it like this. Aaand so can anything else that make her seem too god-related. o_od If she's completely messed up, let me know so I can get another of my characters to fill her place.)

Name: Castor
Apparent age: 21
Gender: Biologically female, but was raised as a boy, which can give conflicting treats.
Appearance: Castor has short messy blonde hair, falling just over her bright green eyes. Being Greek she's naturally tanned. There’s a grin almost constantly pasted on her face, making her look quite goof-ish. Her hands, until her elbows, are bound in cloth, leaving only her fingertips exposed, as should any true fist fighter wear them. She is muscled and broad and has the proud stance of a Spartan warrior.
To be able to wield her Zai properly, the sleeves of the uniform have been ripped off.
Order versus Chaos: Neutral
Morality: Honour-bound.
Bio: (I'll hide the big history thing for those familiar with this part of Greek mythology)

After Castor died and the Dioscuri started pending between the underworld and Olympus, everything seemed right. The two were together and for all around them, it seemed enough. For Castor it was. Until she noticed that her brother was wilting away. Every day spend with the mortal souls made him die a bit more. A born god like him did not belong with the dead.

In a desperate attempt to save her little brother, she confronted the king of gods again. She begged him to reverse the gift and give Pollux the immortality he deserved. Zeus ran a hand through his beard as he looked down upon her. Then with a sigh he told her that he was meeting up with some other big shots for a game of billiards that night anyway, and he would see whether there was a place she could go so that Pollux wouldn’t follow.

True to his word he talked to the others. Jesus and Buddah shared a look and gave Zeus a polite smile. Mother Earth believed turning the youngster in a tree would not be right. In the end only the Spirit King could not think of any reason to refuse Zeus’ request. And thus Castor was placed in Rukongai where she was shortly after recruited with the rest of those who had potential.

Combat Abilities

Zanpaku-to: Her unreleased Zanpakuto turned out the be the two zai given to her by Hephaestus when she left home. They are made of black Damascus steel. The handles are wrapped in a dark blue leather.
Shikai: Not yet achieved.
Bankai: Not yet achieved.

Kido: Weak.
Hakuda: Excells.
Hoho: Average.
Zanjutsu: Average.

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Sympathetic ear
Character Strength 2: Endurance

Character Weakness 1: Soft of heart
Character Weakness 2: Gullible
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PostSubject: Re: Castor   Sun May 23, 2010 3:13 pm

Everything checks out! You can use your character any time you feel comfortable doing so!

Just give me some heads up beforehand, so I can write you in. XD

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