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PostSubject: Arina   Mon May 17, 2010 5:26 pm

Im still not sure if i plan on participating in the RP but i thought id make a character now just in case i do. doing it now so that if i participate at a later date, i wont feel inclined to make my character potentially invincible after observing the gameplay and other characters XD

Name: Arina

Apparent Age: 15 and 20 interchangeably (see character appearance)

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'2", 49kg, slender build with muscle definition, lightly tanned skin, ear length black hair that have a tendency to fall over her face, honey-brown almond shaped eyes, and a small scar splitting the left eye brow. clad in the standard onmitsukido uniform in addition to a plain silver chain through 2 rings worn around the neck. walks with a barely noticeable limp. often mistaken as underaged (when it comes to purchasing cigarrettes or alcohol only), and often mistaken for an effeminate male.

Order versus Chaos: Chaotic/Semi-Neutral

Morality: Pragmatic

Bio: having lost all her memories upon arrival at the rukongai, arina knows nothing about her past life. therefore, she doesnt know why she is who she is. her adeptness at Hung Kuen came as a pleasant surprise, however she hardly follows chinese wushu philosophy- she is selfish and stubborn, and uses any method of deception and manipulation to get what she wants. she is also rather silent, preferring to stand invisible in the sidelines and observe behaviour, only jumping in when she has worked out how any given situation can be manipulated to her advantage.

Zanpakuto: basic katana, only poorly looked after. nobody has time to sharpen and polish the damned thing all day! the hand guard is a basic oval with a snake dueling a crane engraved on it. the hilt is wrapped in tough red twine.

Shikai: not yet achieved due to laziness, and priorities set elsewhere.

Bankai: far from it

Kido: weak

Hakuda: excel

Hoho: average

Zanjutsu: average

Character Strength: Observative and Calculative

Character Weakness: Weak left knee, and easily distracted
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PostSubject: Re: Arina   Mon May 17, 2010 11:17 pm

Very interesting... :o No problems with the sheet itself. I approve!

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