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 Seki Seiichi (Anil's character)

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PostSubject: Seki Seiichi (Anil's character)   Mon May 17, 2010 3:49 pm


Name: Seki Seiichi

Apparent Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: Seiichi, or Sei, is a rather typical japanese boy, with black, slightly spiky hair and dark eyes. He is also short, and appears even younger than 15 to some people. He's always seen wearing his shinigami standard uniform with a black version of a captain's haori over it - no one knows where he got it from, and in the back there's the number 4 in kanji. His clothes are always clean and tidy; not even shupo can make him look disheveled.

Order versus Chaos: Chaotic

Morality: Pragmatic

Bio: Not much is known about Sei, as he doesn't like to talk about himself - it's accepted that he comes from the first district of Rukongai, Juurinan. The only times in his life he was seen without his "haori" were during lessons at the shinigami academy, and since then, no one bothered telling him not to wear it anymore. Some think the number on the back reflects his desire to be captain of the fourth, some say it's a reference to three younger siblings he had. Sei only talks about this matter because he likes to mislead people, telling each one a different explanation for the number. When he's not playfully trying to mislead someone, he's very serious, making some think he's actually a lot older than he seems - for shinigami standards, anyway. He's very rarely seen fighting, but for someone so weak-looking, he sure knows how to give his opponents a cold, calculating look that send some running in fear before the battle even starts.

Combat Abilities:

Zanpaku-to: unreleased, takes the form of a katana with a slightly darker blade than usual.

Shikai: ???

Bankai: ???

Kido: Average

Hakuda: Weak

Hoho: Excels

Zanjutsu: Average

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Empathy
Character Strength 2: Intimidate

Character Weakness 1: Featherwheight
Character Weakness 2: Soft of Heart
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PostSubject: Re: Seki Seiichi (Anil's character)   Mon May 17, 2010 10:57 pm

Excellent. No flaws whatsoever! look forward to seeing it in action!

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Seki Seiichi (Anil's character)
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