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 Hion (epeire)

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Nicht viele Leute wissen

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PostSubject: Hion (epeire)   Mon May 17, 2010 4:54 am

Please let me know if this is alright.


Name: Hion

Apparent Age: 11

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hion meticulously styles his hair to accomidate his mask that is over his brow and down one cheek, though it always ends up looking as if he has just rolled out of bed. He wears a high-collared jacket, but often is too lazy to zip it up or down fully, that ends above his waist. He has charteuruse eyes and pale blonde hair, highlighted in places, and a very slight, though athletic, build.

Order versus Chaos: Neutral

Morality: Pragmatist/Pre-sociopathy

Bio: Most things about Hion are unknown, especially his loyalty to the new Queen and the other arrancar. He can, however, be found playing with toys or constructing castles quite often, revealing his childish nature. Hion has a general blank affect to him, though he does love to tease (annoy/offend) others, and he does so for his own personal reasons.

Combat Abilities:

Menos Level: ???

Zanpaku-to: Takes the form of double bladed tonsa, hidden up the long sleeves of his jacket. Hion does not like close-quarters swordfighting in battle and will often hold off on using them.

Release: ???

Cero: Very Strong

Hierro: Strong

Sonido: Extremely strong

Zanjutsu: Extremely strong

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1:Dexterous
Character Strength 2:???

Character Weakness 1: Childish to a fault
Character Weakness 2: ???

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PostSubject: Re: Hion (epeire)   Mon May 17, 2010 11:21 am

*nod nod* Perfectly played.

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Hion (epeire)
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