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 Aspin Rochfort

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Batang Pasaway

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PostSubject: Aspin Rochfort   Mon May 17, 2010 4:13 am

I want in too! Noes Here's my charac.

Name: Aspin Rochfort

Apparent Age: 21

Gender: Female


Aspin's short, standing only at 5'2 feet. Her blood is Hispanic in nature, which makes her skin dark intermediate. She also likes to keep her hair short. Her eye color differs because of complete heterochromia. (Her right eye's hazel and the left one's dark brown).

Aspin has a few scars on her back and her arms.

Order versus Chaos: Lawful

Morality: Honor-Bound


Aspin and her twin sister were left with family friends at an early age because of the constant hunger cries that both girls complain about. Though their foster family agreed to treat the kids in a loving way and nurse them in a happy environment, the reality was quite the opposite. They were treated more like slaves rather than family. Because of this, her sister insisted they run away, but Aspin hesistated so she was left behind.

After her twin left, daily chores became dire and punishments became life threathening for Aspin. But nonetheless, she still followed orders from her foster family. Soon thereafter, she was recruited to become a Shinigami because of the flux generated by her spiritual energy.

Aspin has a dynamic set of emotions, usually talkative and amiable on the outside. But because of her past, Aspin has got an insensitive mentality which goes along the lines of, "Kill or be Killed". Usually following orders without hesistation.

She's still in constant search for her twin. Reasons behind this are still unknown.

Combat Abilities
Zanpaku-to: Aspin's Zanpaku-to is a 38-inch Kambantuli Blade in it's unreleased form.
Shikai: Unknown
Bankai: Unknown

Kido: Weak
Hakuda: Strong
Hoho: Average
Zanjutsu: Average

Character strengths and weaknesses
Character Strength 1:Endurance
Character Strength 2: Affinity for Lightning.

Character Weakness 1: Perfectionist {Everything must be in place}
Character Weakness 2: Intolerant {My way or the highway!}

I'm still not so sure on the weaknesses though. Thoughts?
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Ulquiorra Level

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PostSubject: Re: Aspin Rochfort   Mon May 17, 2010 11:16 am

*reads through* very interesting! Catlove approves!

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Aspin Rochfort
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