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 Jin (siyentista)

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Master of the Maggot's Nest, PhD

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PostSubject: Jin (siyentista)   Mon May 17, 2010 1:32 am

Name: Jin

Apparent Age: 21

Gender: female

Appearance: Jin is a fairly nondescript shinigami, even though she has olive skin, slightly darker than most of her peers. She has almond-shaped hazel-colored eyes and dark brown hair. She wears her thick wavy hair up using an ornately designed golden hair ornament and always has a necklace with a tiny golden pendant hanging around her neck.

Order versus Chaos: Neutral

Morality: Pragmatic


Jin grew up mostly alone in a middle district of the Rukongai, with minimal help from concerned neighbors. No one knows about her past more than that, and no one knows if there is any special relevance to the one object she has kept from those days in the Rukongai: her necklace.

Except around friends that she is comfortable with, Jin tends to be quiet, preferring to stand back and analyze situations. Because of that attitude, as well as her unremarkable appearance, she easily fades into the background, giving her the edge for scouting or executing fast sneak attacks. Although her attacks rely on currently average kido and hakuda skills, she often succeeds due to her excellent hoho technique and her dexterity. Unfortunately, she does not do well receiving attacks herself, having a compact body that is built for stealth rather than open combat. Since her unreleased zanpakutou is not really a sword, she has never spent too much time training in zanjutsu. Upon learning her shikai however, she has gained experience in naginatajutsu, which allows her to fight those with katanas and similarly long weapons.

Combat Abilities

Zanpaku-to: In its unreleased form, her zanpakutou is a kansashi, an ornate gold six-inch long hairpin that decorates and tames her hair. If she needs a weapon for her stealth attacks, the disguised needle is sharp and hard enough to stab unsuspecting opponents.

Shikai: Her zanpakutou takes the form of a naginata when released with the command "Sumalanta, Habagat!". With Jin's intermediate control, her shikai lasts 3 combat turns. Apart from functioning as a staff and blade as with any other naginata, the weapon can release lightning from the blade. Released from the edge of the blade, the electricity sharpens the blade and allows Habagat to cut things more easily even an inch or two from the true blade. Released from the tip during a forward thrust, the lightning stabs and electrocutes the target with farther reach than the blade itself.

Bankai: unknown

Kido: average

Hakuda: average

Hoho: excel

Zanjutsu: average

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Dexterous
Character Strength 2: Perceptive

Character Weakness 1: Featherweight
Character Weakness 2: Introverted

We think we know your secret. But it's safe with us.

All my fics are rated T just because.

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PostSubject: Re: Jin (siyentista)   Mon May 17, 2010 1:45 am

All in good order! Have fun when we start!

*stamp of approval*

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Jin (siyentista)
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