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 Examples of character sheets (two of the villains of the arc)

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PostSubject: Examples of character sheets (two of the villains of the arc)   Mon May 17, 2010 12:15 am


Name: Alexi Cherrywood

Apparent Age: 26

Gender: male

Appearance: Alexi has short, meticulously kept brown hair, that is slicked back. His mask remnants take the form of a monocle over his left eye, with a chain that draped down his shoulder to his back. He is almost always seen in a black suit, with matching gloves.

Order versus Chaos: Order

Morality: Pragmatist

Bio: Alexi was one of the original arrancar to bow before the queen, and within the Order, he holds the rank of bishop. A man of endless good cheer and a lover of jokes, he tries his best to be charming, although his sense of humor can tend toward the frightening. He is also an obsessive lover of gum, constantly trying different brands and flavors, and trying to encourage everyone he encounters, friend and foe alike, to do the same. His love of it is so great that, although he supports his Queen's dream of converting the living world into a millenial kingdom of hollows, he laments that in so doing he may forever halt the production of gum.

His only family is his elder sister, Anastasia, and the two love each other dearly, with Alexi being the only person, aside from their Queen, able to calm his sister when her rage overcomes her.

Combat Abilities:

Menos Level: ???

Zanpaku-to: Takes the form of a pocketwatch when unreleased, the chain of which can extend as far as ten feet. He can use it as a whip, a rope, or a shield, depending on the situation. The name of his zanpaku-to is Fortuna, and the release command is "Spin"

Release: ???

Cero: Strong

Hierro: Extremely strong

Sonido: Extremely strong

Zanjutsu: Very strong

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1: Endurance
Character Strength 2: ???

Character Weakness 1:Soft Hearted
Character Weakness 2:???


Name: Anastasia Cherrywood

Apparent Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her hair is shoulder-length, and dirty blonde, typically tied into a ponytail. Her mask remnants take the form of a choker with a bead design around the neck. She dresses in a formal, almost masculine style.

Order versus Chaos: Chaotic

Morality: Pragmatic

Bio: Lived in a communal family of hollows in Hueco Mundo for decades prior to the events of the game. At the time, because all were low level, and still hungrered for human souls, occasion would force them into the human world in search of sustinance. During one of these ventures, their presence was detected and the group was ambushed by a group of shinigami in waiting. The resulting battle killed everyone except Anastasia and her brother, Alexi, and she has harbored an intense hatred of shinigami since.

She joined the Order at the same time as her brother, and within it holds the rank of knight. In terms of sheer reiatsu, she is the strongest of the six, although her unpolished abilities make it possible for other members to compete evenly with her. She is impartial to Queen's dreams for the human world, more interested in changing the world order and destroying the self-righteous hierarchy the shinigami hold dear.

Although normally calm and demure, she is prone to bouts of insane rage, usually triggered by the sight of her own blood. Depending on the severity of the episode, she will usually begin to act at random, targeting anyone who comes across her for several minutes. Queen and Alexi are the only two people capable of immediately ending these episodes.

Combat Abilities: You won't be seeing her fight for quite a while, so....:

Menos Level: ???

Zanpaku-to: ???

Release: ???

Cero: ???

Heirro: ???

Sonido: ???

Zanjutsu: ???

Character strengths and weaknesses

Character Strength 1:Perceptive
Character Strength 2:???

Character Weakness 1: Prone to obsession
Character Weakness 2: ???

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Examples of character sheets (two of the villains of the arc)
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