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The Shinigami Monster

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PostSubject: Slash   Sun May 16, 2010 10:50 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Slash (name he goes by never goes by his real or even tell ppl what his real name is)

Apparent Age: 19

Gender: both a male and female but stays in his male form most of the time

Appearance: has spikey black short hair in male form spike longish brown hair in girl form

Order versus Chaos: Chaotic

Morality: honor-bound

Bio: doesn't like to many ppl or trust many tho if one happens to become friends with Slash they have someone they can rely on for life inless they turn their back on em. Slash is always looking for the one "it" lost during a battle beliving the person is still alive somewhere, (some say that this person was a lover some say a brother or sister or they where just a friend). Slash acts cold at times but deep down has a soft heart and is willing to do anything for a friend. Slash loves animals and has a pet tan , black and white cat that follows him. (it loves to catch a ride on his sholder). (Slash named the cat Light for when he looks into it's eyes anything bad that forms within his heart calms). One of Slash's down falls is that he is always confused easy.

Combat Abilities:

Zanpaku-to: Unknown

Shikai: Unknown

Bankai: Unknown

Kido: Weak

Hakuda: Average

Hoho: Average

Zanjutsu: Strong

Character strengths and weaknesses:

Character Strength 1: has hard skin so it is hard to cut him
Character Strength 2: has super high of sprital preesure

Character Weakness 1: cares alot about the ppl he does get close to and his pet cat Light and emamies would be able to use it to get to him./he goes into battle with out thinking when someone he knows and loves needs saving.
Character Weakness 2: can't control his own sprital presser and gets himself or others hurt.

(I'll most likely have to fix this but I'm not in the mood to do the rest so.. I'll come back later ^^77')

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Ulquiorra Level

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PostSubject: Re: Slash   Sun May 16, 2010 11:22 pm

The only problem I see is that of the four shinigami arts (Zanjutsu, Hoho, etc) you can only be strong in one. Please select one to be changed to average.

Aside from that you've given me more good ideas for character strengths and weaknesses, and for the time I'll let them slide. XD

Please understand that your high spiritual pressure will not be able to directly aid you in battle until you learn to control it.

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