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 Character Strengths/Weaknesses

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PostSubject: Character Strengths/Weaknesses   Sat May 15, 2010 1:23 pm

The master list of Character modification strengths and weaknesses, as well as a description of what each does. This list will likely change and evolve as the game becomes more complete, so changes to characters later on will be accepted on a case by case basis.

The list is pretty sparce right now, since the entire concept is an experiment, and I can't be sure how big an impact it will have on gameplay. Like all else, it'll change with time.

Rules of Strengths and Weaknesses

No talent comes without a drawback, and in this world it's as true as any other. For your character to excel in one area, they must be deficient in another. Every character gets to select two strengths from the following list to add to their character sheet. A wise idea would be to select talents based around the kind of fighter/player you most wish to be. After selecting the strengths, the player must then select two weaknesses. The weakness selected CANNOT be the polar opposite of a selected strength. For instance, if a character has the muscleman strength, he cannot take the Puniman weakness, as this is contradictory.

Keep the kind of character you wish to create in mind, and choose the strengths and weaknesses you feel they would have.

The Capslocked text is the name of the strength/weakness. the explanation follows.

Character Strengths

DEXTEROUS: A physical talent, the ability to precisely and skillfully move the small muscles of the hands and feet. Ideal for assassins and thieves. Increases likelihood of successfully sneaking.

DIPLOMAT: A mental talent, the ability to use skillful oratory to sway others to your way of thinking. Increases the likelihood of being able to talk one's way out of trouble, or convince an NPC to cooperate.

ENDURANCE: A physical talent, the ability to tolerate a tremendous amount of pain without succumbing. Increases the likelihood of maintaining consciousness after taking a significant injury.

EXTROVERT: A mental talent, the ability to thrive amongst people. Increases the likelihood of NPCs responding positively to the character.

MUSCLEMAN: A physical talent, a lifetime of training has given you a body like iron. Increases damage you can inflict against enemies using sword or fist strikes.

EMPATHY: A mental talent, the ability to sense ulterior motives and conflicting emotions in others.

PERCEPTION: A mental talent, having an eye for details sharper than average. Allows the character to occasionally notice things others don't. The Game Master will PM them with this information when it occurs.

COMRADARIE: A mental talent, valuing the lives of comrades so greatly that your own life becomes irrelevant. Allows you to jump in front of a serious blow to a comrade once per battle, taking less damage than they would have.

INTIMIDATE/SEDUCE: A physical talent. The use of sex appeal or physical prowess to deter enemies from attacking. Increases likelihood of successfully talking an enemy into surrender or retreat.

SYMPATHETIC EAR: A mental talent, the ability to convey a sense of trustworthiness. Increases the likelihood of hearing information/secrets a person would ordinarily abstain from sharing.

AFFINITY FOR ELEMENT: A mental talent. name an element of any of the basic ones (Earth, wind, fire, etc) you feel a sense of comfort when presented with it, increasing the likelihood that you can counter moves that employ it, and decreasing damage suffered.

Character Weaknesses

CLUMBSY: Inept with subtle movements, prefering broad ones instead. Decreases likelihood of sneaking.

TACTLESS: tends to be a little too open with what's on your mind. Decreases likelihood of persuading NPCs

FEATHERWEIGHT: In exchange for being able to do slightly more damage with Kidou and sneak attacks, your body is frail, and unable to endure punishment. slightly increases sneak and kidou damage, decreases resistance to attacks.

INTROVERT: You give off an unfriendly aura, making others wary of you. Decreases likelihood of NPCs reacting to you in a friendly way.

PUNIMAN: You lack the ability to put a lot of power into your blows... better make the aim count.

GULLIBLE: Easily taken in by others, and prone to being decieved or tricked

LECH/COY: Extremely prone to seduction and intimidation

PARANOIA OF ELEMENT: An irrational fear of something prevents you from fighting fully effectively against it. Resulting in decreased efficiency when attacking targets of this element, and increased damage from it.

SOFT OF HEART: the thought of killing your enemy doesn't sit well with you, sometimes causing you to decline the finishing blow, or miss entirely.


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Character Strengths/Weaknesses
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